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US History Classroom Map Set

Part Census maps, part historical maps, this 36 map internet delivery set is designed to enhance students map reading skills. The set contains:

  • 13 Census maps, a blank map, a numbered quiz map, completed map, and answer key. Students will learn how the US grew from the 13 original states to the current 50 states.
  • 20 Map Skills are historically based and include both basic and higher level questions with answer keys.
  • 3 Extras include geographical maps with a blank, numbered, completed and answer key.
  • Most maps are black and white for photocopying.

Appropriate for elementary through senior high.

US History Classroom Map Set
Internet Delivery Only

Sample: American Revolution Map




Here are the ten questions included with this map:

  • What is the first battle of the American Revolution?
  • What was the most northern victory for the Americans?
  • Which two southern port cities did the British besiege and capture from the Americans?
  • What was the last major battle of the American Revolution?
  • Which two American generals were victorious at the Battle of Bemis Heights?
  • What was the principal fort between Albany and Montreal?
  • What was the last battle fought in New England?
  • What was the American's sole victory in 1779?
  • Who appears to be winning the war in the South in the year 1780?
  • In which region (South, Mid or New England) did the British have the most consistent success?

Map Titles: Colonization, King Philip's War, French and Indian War, American Revolution, Constitutional Ratification, Northwest Indian Wars, Texas Revolution, Mexican American War, American System (3 maps), Election of 1860, American Civil War, Westward Expansion, Western Indian Wars, The West (Mining/Railroads), WWII (Pacific Theater), Holocaust, Cold War, Vietnam War and Ethnic Iraq.

Each of the maps includes:
       a. 10-15 questions tied to the map
       b. answer key

How to Use: These maps can be used as an introductory assignment or as a wrap up for a particular unit. The questions are designed to develop and assess map reading skills and vocabulary, as well as provide historical information from each time period.

The questions are designed to increase in difficulty. Typically, the last 1-2 questions are critical thinking questions requiring the student to make speculations or judgments based on the information presented by the map. The initial questions enable students to build confidence in their ability, while allowing the teacher to more accurately judge the student's map reading skills. This format also enables the teacher the option to remove the later questions to better suit the needs of a particular classroom setting, with little difficulty.

The teacher can choose to assign the maps as either an individual or as a group assignment.

As a follow up, go over the answers together as a class to further enhance their map reading skills.

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