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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly are you selling?

    PowerPoint® presentations on the given historical topic ranging anywhere from 110-235 slides. The slides contain information in the form of charts, diagrams, images, audio, video, and textboxes. The PowerPoint® is on both the DVD as well as the CD. The CD also contains a "Documents" folder which includes a guided worksheet for students, crossword puzzles linked with the guided worksheet questions, lessons, and an exam.
  2. What is the difference between the DVD/CDs and the CD?

    The DVDs are designed for teachers who do not have access to a classroom LCD projector but still want to use our PowerPoint® presentations. By using the DVD remote, teachers can advance the slides at the speed appropriate for their classrooms. The DVD and CD are both included because the CD contains the supplemental materials: guided worksheet, lessons, crossword puzzles, and exam. The CD also contains the PowerPoint® presentation. A teacher who plans on using a classroom computer might only need to buy the CD since it contains all of the included materials. Of course buying the DVD/CD also gives you an extra copy of the PowerPoint that you can share with a colleague.
  3. What exactly is internet delivery?

    Designed for a teacher who needs the presentation immediately and at a lower cost, MML will send you the CD version via "". You will get an email in your Inbox from yousendit containing the file to download. The file will be identical to the CD version and you can burn it to a CD if you wish or simply run it from your computer, flash drive, etc. In most cases, delivery will be within an hour of placing your order. If immediate delivery is desired, please send an email to and we will do our best to send it instantly during standard business hours Pacific Time. Please note that the download link will be emailed to the address given in your order. At this time, the DVD version is not available for download. Please inquire as DVD delivery is possible.
  4. I don't understand your return policy.

    As with other software companies, we cannot accept opened products. We strive to make our customers happy and are available to answer extensive questions prior to a purchase. Each presentation is listed on the website with approximately 20 sample slides from the actual presentation, so we feel that the buyer has a good idea of what they are purchasing prior to the point of sale. There are also samples to download plus a complete mini-PowerPoint for you to review.
  5. Do I have to have PowerPoint® installed on my computer to run your software?

    It is not necessary to have ownership of PowerPoint®, however the computer must have a DVD player to be able to play the presentation. In fact, a computer is not needed at all if a teacher possesses a television and DVD player. Microsoft also gives away a free PowerPoint viewer that allows you to view but not create a PowerPoint. The viewer is needed to play the CD on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed.
  6. Are there narrations on your DVDs?

    Our DVDs do not have narration. Some of the titles include historical video or audio, however there is no voice over narration. We are currently developing a line of documentaries which will be available for sale in the near future, please check back on our site at a later date.
  7. Can I add, subtract or change your slides? Is there copy protection on your products?

    Once you purchase our products, you may download them onto your hard drive and modify the presentation as appropriate for your classroom needs. However, these take us many months to produce, and we do have ownership of our presentation content.
  8. Could you send us a sample so we can see if want to buy a set?

    Our website contains approximately 20 slides from each presentation. Simply click on the titles you are considering to view actual slides from the presentation. Also there are sample presentations available on the homepage as well as the Free Downloads page.
  9. My school has 10 teachers and we all want to use your PowerPoints®. Can we make copies?

    As classroom teachers ourselves, we understand that funds are limited and good classroom resources ought to be shared. Please inform us of your intentions and we will certainly work out a mutually beneficial solution.
  10. Do you have site licenses?

    Yes we do, several schools across the nation have purchased them from us. Please inquire about pricing.
  11. What are the worksheets and other documents you mention and how are they used?

    Each presentation includes supplemental resources for your classroom use. These include: guided student worksheet with answers to be found on the slides as the presentation is presented or later as a review for students at the end of the unit; crossword puzzles with clues generated from the presentation and closely linked with the guided worksheet questions as well as the exam; lessons that range from primary source document interpretation with questions, internet based questions, creative lessons that involve student interpretation, and others that vary with each presentation; an exam or quizzes that are linked to the information contained in the PowerPoint®. The number of resources varies.
  12. What are your simulation games?

    These games are designed to be used as part of a unit on the given topic, either as an opening activity to familiarize students, during the unit as a fun way of learning the information, or as a review at the end of the unit. Most include a background reading on the topic in order to inform students of the issues of the era.
  13. Can you give us a few tips on how to use your PowerPoint® Presentations?

    We designed and used these presentations in our classroom as lecture/discussion tools. Over our many years of teaching we wistfully wished we had some way of presenting students with pictures, maps, original documents, photos, videos, audio sound clips and, later, web sites to reinforce content and hold their interest. When PowerPoint® came along we realized we now had such a tool. We suggest using them as part of a teacher directed lesson with the teacher covering the material using the PowerPoint® resources. It can be used as a review tool along with the guided worksheets with students answering the questions as the slides proceed. Multimedia Learning PowerPoint® presentations are exceptional tools for review and individual computer lab assignments. They can also be used as a "make-up" resource for students who missed class. Simply put them at a computer and have them answer the worksheet questions while working through the PowerPoint®. We built our entire history courses on PowerPoint®.
  14. How are your PowerPoints® different from the free ones given away on the internet?

    We have seen some interesting free PowerPoints® but the vast majority are simplistic and violate many of the fundamental rules for group presentation i.e. way too much text on multiple slides. Our PowerPoints® are well researched, standards based instructional tools that are designed to help you help your students master the content and standards of your state. They are designed to hold your students interest and motivate them to learn. Modern students are visually/media orientated and MML PowerPoints® are designed to take advantage of this. We do not use distracting special effects or endless slides of bulleted text. Most important our presentations cover the entire standard and can be used as your main classroom teaching vehicle. Compare one of our presentations with your history textbook to see how thorough Multimedia Learning's PowerPoint® presentations are.
  15. How are your PowerPoints® different from other companies?

    We started producing and marketing PowerPoint® presentations in early 2003. Since then several other companies, large and small, began selling history PowerPoints®. We have seen most of these and encourage you to compare ours with theirs. The majority consist of slide after slide with one picture and a few bullets. None of them come with the lessons, quizzes, worksheets and the other resources we include in our Documents folder.
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