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  • Just wanted to tell you that I used your American Revolution PPT in class for the first time today. The students absolutely loved it and it freed me to discuss the issues much better as they viewed the presentation. My department has some extra budget money available and I will be purchasing more of your materials to use in my other American history classes. Thank you for a job well done! - Raymond Frey, Ph.D., Professor of History, Centenary College
  • Thank you for your very well done power points and they work well in my ITEC CLASSROOM. They have helped students gain a better understanding of the material. More so than the textbooks I have. - Lloyd Emory, E.L. Wright Middle School, South Carolina
  • WOW! I am so blown away by all of the great stuff! You guys are fabulous. My college AND high school students always comment in their course evaluations about how much better they learned with your materials. I do a lot of personalizing but your work is omnipresent in my classes. Just thought you might want to know that. Thanks so much...You deserve their praise! Thanks again for your hard work in creating MML. Not only are your products excellent, but your customer service is second to none. Well done. - S. Crawford
  • I teach US and World History and these PowerPoint presentations have been a great success. The PowerPoints are organized so that I can use them for a variety of lessons plans and differentiated levels and learning styles. The combination of visual, written and audio sources means that students with different learning styles are a lot more engaged than just through using textbook and the old-fashioned 'stand and deliver' type lesson. I plan to spend way too much money on these products in the near future!   - Steve Briddon, Mountain View High School, WA
  • As an AP US History teacher, I found these PowerPoint presentations to be exceptional! The visual appeal and succinct yet informative captions augmented lecture and spurred class discussion at an advanced level. Because these materials are of high quality, I can now focus my energy on bringing the presentations to life and further engaging my students. Finally, the entire US History series will help me prepare my students for the AP exam.   - Robin Grenz
  • At the end of the school year I have my students complete a questionnaire concerning their experience in my class. Since I've been using Multimedia Learning U.S. History PowerPoint presentations all my students say the same thing, they love the PowerPoints! Thanks Multi Media Learning for the great product.   - Jeff Hinton, U.S History Teacher, Northwest Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the powerpoints that I ordered. I wished I had found them earlier for my classes. My classes went WILD when they saw the power points with the video clips in them on Civil Rights Movement Powerpoint. I will never be able to show my power points to them again after they saw yours.   - Stacey Dameron
  • I thank you for the … CD and I will continue to tell my colleagues of your wonderful product.   - Tracy R.
  • Thanks and we look forward to continuing to do business. One of our U.S. History teachers said that this is the best find we have had in a long time so there will be more orders in the future.  - Che K.
  • I recently purchased the entire CD-Rom library, and am finding it extremely useful in my classes. I love the presentations. My students love them as well. I am the cool teacher on campus since no other teacher does this! If your records show that there are any titles that I am missing, I would love to purchase them.  - Linda K.
  • I have just begun using the PowerPoint presentations in class and I find them to be an excellent way of presenting historical information. I like the way that the presentations engage the students with a series of questions as they view the material. The primary source pictures and documents are much more than they would get in any text. Thanks again.  - Ken K.
  • Thank you very much for sending me the Progressivism PowerPoint presentation. It is very impressive!! Very throrough, and many fabulous visual images! - Karen S.
  • Hi Herschel, Wow, I am impressed! I am talking directly to the creator of these fabulous PowerPoints. We love them. Excellent resource!  - Kelly B.
  • Just received the new CD-Roms on Rev. Period and Colonial Period. They are wonderful. Any plans to have one for the federalist period and the remaining period before the Civil War? These are the best teacher-friendly supplies I have ever seen. My students love them, and they have generated more discussion than we ever had before, because they can actually see what I'm talking about. The pictures, posters, political cartoons - all are excellent. Thank you for your work!  - Linda K.

  • Herschel Sarnoff: